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Christina LeRubio Interviewed by the Internet Marketing Association

Learning doesn’t stop for anybody, even top executives. As world events continue to rock businesses everywhere, adaptability, humility, and growing a knowledge base are more important than ever for the modern executive. Christina LeRubio, director of operations for executive education at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, authored an article on this subject for the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), explaining how the pandemic caused a sweeping change in society and caught executives off guard.

The key message for modern executives is people — both consumers and employees — will notice when initiatives are frivolous. Genuinely instilling values into a company’s core will mean great success and happy employees. In the article, LeRubio explains a way to bridge the gap: Graziadio Business School’s Executive Education program. During programs like the Corporate Social Responsibility Program, executives study the SEER (Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility) philosophy and model, in the context of challenges and opportunities facing business and society, including how the pandemic has changed business operations. Students learn how SEER can be used to identify and sustain a competitive advantage.

The Pepperdine Graziadio Executive Education department has developed unique program offerings designed to enrich knowledge and business skills for executive leaders while focusing on current topics and trends that will enhance executives’ continued success in their professional careers. 

Read the full article on IMA’s website. Learn more about Graziadio’s Executive Education offerings.