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How Blockchain Could Start To Make Waves In 2018 | Forbes

Dr. Granados, the Director of the Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture, predicts Blockchain's impacts on 2018

In Forbes, Dr. Nelson F. Granados predicts Blockchain's 2018 impact on Entertainment, Media, and Culture. Dr. Granados is also Associate Professor of Information Systems, Director of the Center for Applied Research, and Co-Director Institute of Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine.
Dr. Granados focuses on four key areas of entertainment and media that have the most immediate potential for disruption – Royalties, Crowdfunding of Creative Productions, Digital Advertising, and Distribution. He defines these areas based on the unique Blockchain traits that enable a digital marketplace that is both decentralized and tamper-resistant. Dr. Granados illustrates how these branches of industry would specifically benefit from security and transparency (eg: payments, funding, monetization, and contract enforcement).