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Dr. Shawn Andrews Comments on Gender Bias in the Music Industry

Dr. Shawn Andrews shared her insight on gender bias in the hip-hop world commenting on the controversy surrounding Cardi B’s disturbing remarks saying “the one big difference with Cardi B, of course, is that she’s a woman — which, as it turns out, amounts to just one more strike against her when the controversy card gets played. It’s absolutely a double standard. You’ve got men who got into the genre with criminal backgrounds or a history of violence, and a lot of times hip-hop is a platform, a voice for them. You’ve got a platform that is dominated by males, and so it’s not uncommon to see a double standard, where a male artist with the same background would be excused.”

An expert in leadership, gender, hidden bias, diversity & inclusion, and emotional intelligence, Dr. Andrews said in the Chicago Tribune article that “a male-dominated culture isn’t accepting of a woman who looks to shift the power dynamic. It really doesn’t matter the position or status of a woman. Gender bias affects women all the way up to celebrity and CEO. It is absolutely pervasive today, in all genres, all aspects of media, in business, in politics. Men try to maintain status in the hierarchy by demeaning women.” Read more