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Business Owners Get Good Prices For Companies | SF Chronicle

Graziadio works with IBBA and the M Source to conduct research on the prices of selling small and mid-sized companies

Joyce Rosenberg covers the results of the fourth-quarter Private Capital Markets (PCM) survey conducted by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School with the International Business Brokers Association and M&A Source. As reported by Rosenberg in the San Francisco Chronicle, findings show that small and mid-sized business owners looking to sell their companies and retire are getting good prices despite not spending large amounts of time preparing for sales. Rosenberg notes that despite these findings, business brokers do recommend advance planning for the sale of a business. This includes making sure finances are solid and that employees are prepared for management changes. Doing so can positively affect the sale price. The Graziadio survey questioned 264 business brokers and mergers and acquisitions advisers.