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Bernice Ledbetter Encourages Companies to be Flexible to Recruit and Retain Women

The pandemic has forever changed the business world. This has had a particular impact on women who have either left the workforce entirely or reduced their work hours. In fact, there are one million fewer women in the labor workforce today than there were two years ago. As organizations continue to hire employees – and seek to retain staff – companies must re-evaluate their benefits and perks to ensure they are designed to support women, writes Bernice Ledbetter, EdD, dean of students, director, center for women in leadership and practitioner lecturer of organizational theory and management, in an article for MsCareerGirl.com. Building in flexibility and creating leadership opportunities are key to supporting gender equality and breaking gender stereotypes that hold women back in the workplace, according to Dr. Ledbetter. She further noted that women want flexibility in where, when, and how they work and they want real leadership opportunities where they are set up for success (not  “glass cliff” positions — high stakes opportunities that are precarious and have a high chance of failure).

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, Dr. Ledbetter encouraged leaders and companies to explore ways to support women in the workforce. At the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, our Center for Women in Leadership is dedicated to leveling the playing field, preparing women to successfully take on leadership opportunities, and helping others through mentorship. If you’re interested in learning more insights from senior-level women business leaders, register for the Pepperdine Graziadio International Women’s Day virtual event by clicking here

The full article is available here.