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The Battle For Video Entertainment Goes Global | Forbes

Dr. Nelson Granados covers global video entertainment trends in content creation

For his regular column in Forbes, Pepperdine Graziadio Associate Professor of Information Systems, Director of the Center for Applied Research, and Co-Director Institute of Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine Dr. Nelson F. Granados addresses the global battle for video audiences. With the digital space maturing rapidly and less than 10% of all content created and produced locally in most countries, Dr. Granados notes that platforms are developing and distributing content for international audiences in different ways.
Major studios know franchises like "Star Wars" and "Transformers" perform well outside the U.S. When content is created by a platform like Netflix, movies and series might lean more culturally-agnostic to build the widest international audience possible. Dr. Granados also illustrates how Amazon has a unique reach through subscription services available to Amazon Prime members, while Skydance Media specifically develops and produces entertainment content with a global audience in mind, relying on deep analytics to define mandates.