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Executive Education Benefits


As part of our continued commitment to developing values-centered leaders and advancing responsible business practice through education, Executive Education participants who are ready to enhance and advance their career and have successfully completed any Executive Education program are eligible to receive:


Additional Executive Education Program Benefits

  • 20% discount on future open enrollment Executive Education programs

Degree Program Benefits

  • Waived application fee (regularly $160). 
  • Discount of $2,500 (or actual amount paid for an Executive Education open enrollment program, whichever is higher) off of tuition on degree programs (e.g. MBA, MS, DBA, BSM).  Discount can only be applied to the first term and is not transferrable.
  • Up to $33K* in merit scholarships, depending on the program and modality (on-campus or online).   

Office of Executive Education
Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
Email: execed@pepperdine.edu

  * Merit Scholarship Criteria

Merit scholarships are offered only to specific programs and are determined based on work experience and undergraduate academic success (i.e., GPA).  

  • Merit scholarship eligibility criteria:
  • A maximum of one discount (highest value) will be awarded per Executive Education program participant and can be applied to any program.
  • Merit scholarship is offered in addition to the discount.  The one-time discount will to be applied towards the first trimester of classes.
  • Merit scholarship applies only to newly admitted students. Merit scholarships are renewed each term, provided the student remains in good academic standing.
  • Merit scholarships are dispersed across the duration of the program.