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Visits By Immigration Spook California Businesses | Honolulu

ICE visits are affecting business owners and employees

A February 2018 Tribune News Service article published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser addresses how fears and anxieties surrounding immigration policy are directly affecting businesses. Visits by federal immigration authorities to the workplace are scaring some workers into absence because of concerns – or confusion – about deportation. Trade groups and attorneys have distributed tip sheets for companies with information on what federal and state laws require. With the state of California and the Trump adminmistration at odds over immigration reform, the article addresses employer responsibilities, ICE audits under Trump, and the president's rationale for current crackdowns.
Associate Professor of Economics and Associate Provost for Online Programs David M. Smith, PhD, is quoted in the article. He says undocumented workers have a slight negative impact on the wages of low-skilled workers, but adds that automation and the nation's shift away from manufacturing are far bigger factors in wage suppression. Dr. Smith also addresses a potential worker shortage and the effect it might have on the agriculture and construction industries, should deportations continue to rise.