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Trucking Could Benefit From Fiscal Worries | FleetOwner

Graziadio conducted a national survey regarding the Millennials' "fiscal worry" and Dr. David Smith offers an explanation

FleetOwner.com cites a Pepperdine Graziadio Business School survey in an article about the potential effects of economic concerns on the trucking industry and recruitment. Writer Sean Kilcarr says if trucking can deliver jobs with solid, steady pay to an anxious pool of millennial job seekers, retaining them might be easier.
According to Kilcarr, the results of the Graziadio poll indicate millennials' greatest worry is a recession or economic downturn, followed by financial emergencies and job automation. Pepperdine Graziadio Associate Professor of Economics and Associate Provost for Online Programs Dr. David M. Smith is quoted in the article as saying, "These findings suggest that the recession left an indelible impression on young people and will follow them around for the foreseeable future." Kilcarr goes on to say that pay is not currently the strongest incentive for drivers, though the industry can and should think about how to attract young people interested in avoiding college debt as they can start working in trucking at a relatively healthy salary.