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Stephen Rapier Interviewed by WalletHub

Americans have no shortage of insurance options to choose from, whether you’re insuring a car, a house, or even a piece of jewelry. The sheer number of options for insurance can be overwhelming, which is why the finance blog WalletHub seeks out experts like Stephen Rapier, Pepperdine Graziadio assistant professor of marketing, to help filter out the noise for consumers. 

In a product review covering Allstate Car Insurance, Rapier was asked about Allstate’s philanthropic endeavors and the number of discounts they offer customers: 

On the Allstate Foundation: “As consumers, our perceptions of organizations may be favorably influenced by similarities between the values important to us and those authentically exhibited by the organization (M. Rokeach, 1979).”

On discounts offered by Allstate: “By offering discounts, Allstate may be perceived as lower risk than an alternative insurance company with a higher cost, further enhancing the brand’s appeal to its target market.” 

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Article Highlights

  • Rapier included in a panel of WalletHub experts
  • Allstate’s philanthropic efforts and discounts might sway a consumer