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Skydance Media Turns Vision into Action | Forbes

Dr. Nelson Granados contributes to the Forbes article

Dr. Nelson F. Granados writes in Forbes about how Skydance Media, a company with Silicon Valley roots, is becoming a model for innovation in Hollywood. Dr. Granados is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of the Center for Applied Research at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, and Co-Director of the Institute of Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine University. He contributes regularly to Forbes on the business of media, entertainment, and culture.
In this piece, Dr. Granados provides background on the relatively young Skydance Media against the backdrop of traditional media companies potentially consolidating in the face of digital disruption. Launched in 2010 by David Ellison, son of Oracle’s co-founder Larry Ellison, Skydance started as a financier of feature films, then moved into traditional media with success. Dr. Granados recently interviewed Skydance President and COO, Jesse Sisgold, and shared insights from the conversation. In particular, Skydance is deliberately and strategically looking at cross-media opportunities in response to the shifting digital landscape.