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Shawn Herrera Writes About How HR Managers Can Help Employees Build Their Professional Network

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HR managers play a key role in guiding employees through leave-or-stay job scenarios. For many employees, the urge for a quick, clean break is appealing, but HR managers can help assuage those feelings by reaffirming employees and encouraging them to move up with their current employer. According to Shawn Herrera, practitioner faculty of applied behavioral science (ABS) & organization theory and management at Pepperdine Graziadio, a great way to move up with an existing employer is to build and leverage a professional network.

In an article written for HR.com, Herrera gave three ways HR managers can communicate how a professional network can be an essential help while job seeking: 

  1. Look Before You Leap: “Wise job changers who seek to stay and move up draw on the advice of others before making the switch in order to affirm or reconsider their decision.”
  2. Get the Inside Scoop: “Friends and family, social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor, past colleagues and peers, can all serve as insiders to aid in switching jobs.”
  3. Do a Deep Dive with Your Current Employer: “Many companies may offer lateral movements. There may be promotional opportunities that are not widely advertised. Even better, with your insider knowledge of your current employer, you may be able to discover new opportunities for your company.” 

Herrera adds that “speaking with your peers, mentors, and sponsors is a time-tested method for breaking through a cluttered and churning job marketplace. It is critical to building a network throughout an entire career, not only after you realize you need it.”

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Article Highlights

  • HR managers can be proactive in retaining talent
  • Employees should build a network of trusted colleagues to lean on while job seeking