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Millennials Fear Robots Will Take Their Job 1 Day | Debt.com

According to Graziadio's recent study, one in three millennials are afraid that robots will make the job hunt more difficult

Debt.com cites a Pepperdine Graziadio survey assessing millennial fears about automation and the negative effect it might have on job prospects. The poll indicates that one in three millennials fear automation will take over their roles at some point in the future. Joe Pye's article quotes Associate Professor of Economics and Associate Provost for Online Programs Dr. David M. Smith on his reaction to the Graziadio survey findings.
"The recession left an indelible impression on young people," says Dr. Smith. "But in spite of these challenges, millennials still view their career prospects with cheerful optimism." Pye goes on to cover what automation is and whether or not concerns of worker supplantation are founded. According to Pye, recent studies indicate that while technology makes some jobs obsolete, it often creates new ones. Dr. Smith agrees with these findings as well as a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) study that shows jobs requiring less education are more likely to turn to automation.