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Kurt Motamedi Provides Advice on How to Ace an Interview

Candidates who land an interview for a position should prepare for tough, open-ended questions. A common question that employers ask their top candidates is “why should we hire you?” Kurt Motamedi shares why employers ask the question and the best way to answer. “Hiring managers listen for the ease and speed of the answer, the excitement, and eagerness of the response, and the candidate’s cognitive and verbal skills,” said Motamedi. Employers ask this question because it reveals a lot about the candidate’s knowledge about the company, mission, the individual’s goals and values, and whether they have the skills for the position. Candidates should be prepared for this question by doing their homework on the organization, the clients, and be able to explain how their experience and skills would add value to the organization. The questions also help the interviewer get a sense if the candidate is the proper fit for the positions and organization. 

The full article is available at Builtin.com