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Jaclyn Margolis Questions Workplace Ethic Norms for Psychology Today

Bad advice can sometimes be hard to spot, especially in the workplace. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, many workplace tips continue to have influence on the modern office, even when the advice produces less than stellar outcomes. Writing for Psychology Today, Jaclyn Margolis, associate professor of applied behavioral science at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, details three common pieces of workplace advice that should be reconsidered: 

  1. Powering through exhaustion: Researchers have shown that sleep and relaxation are critical for creativity. 72 percent of people report that some of their best ideas come in the shower, and even 10-minute breaks have a meaningful impact on productivity.
  2. Don’t settle: While the quest for meaningful work is understandable, fulfilling basic needs comes first. Studies should that meaning of work is only one of many contributors to happiness.
  3. Work as a team: One study showed that an astounding four out of five teams fall short of their goals. Teamwork often breaks down when teams fail to attain alignment on their goals, are dominated by the loudest voice rather than the best ideas, or spend too much time on meaningless issues.

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