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Graziadio Thought Leaders Make Impact with Recent Research

Our Graziadio faculty are constantly pioneering new ideas and sharing their findings with our students and the Graziadio community to develop Best for the World Leaders. Graziadio thought leaders are tackling real-world challenges in business with a mission to transform cutting-edge research into practical, positive impact. Below is a selection of recent research articles from the Graziadio faculty, highlighted in a university issued press release. To learn more about Graziadio thought leadership research, visit Graziadio Center for Applied Research

Faculty research publications highlighted: 

  • Darren Good, associate professor of applied behavioral science, The Costs of Mindfulness at Work: The moderating role of mindfulness in surface acting, self-control depletion, and performance outcomes
  • Cristina Gibson, dean’s distinguished professor of management, Understanding Orientation to Participation: Overcoming status differences to foster engagement in global teams
  • Maretno Harjoto, professor of finance, Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Portfolio Performance: A cross-national study 
  • Charles Kerns, professor of applied behavioral science, Debating Bad Leaders: Reasons and remedies
  • Kenneth Ko, associate professor of decision sciences, Two-stage Simulation -- Optimization profit maximization model 
  • Cristel Russell, professor of marketing, Empowerment as Latent Vulnerability in Techno-mediated Consumption Journeys