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Graziadio Thought Leader Research

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School published a press release highlighting faculty research. Graziadio thought leaders’ research investigates the changing business world and the impacts of the pandemic. Below are the Graziadio faculty and their research papers:

  • Jared Ashworth, Changes Across Cohorts in Wage Returns to Schooling and Early Work Experiences 
  • Cristina Gibson, Shared Leadership and Team Effectiveness: Does Traditionalism and Virtuality Matter?
  • Charla Griffy-Brown, Evaluating Risk for Top-line Growth and Bottom-line Protection: Enterprise Risk Management Optimization (ERMO)
  • Clemens Kownatzki, Case Study of Event Risk Management with Options Strangle and Straddles
  • Zhike Lei, Reflecting on the Fly: Development of the Team Reflection Behavioral Observation (TuRBO) System for Acute Care Teams
  • Cristel Russell, A Framework of Brand Contestation: Toward Brand Antifragility 
  • Doreen Shanahan, Paradox of Social Support in Virtual Communities 
  • Dana Sumpter, The Dark Side of Construction Coverage: Navigating Consensus, Evolution, and Practical Relevance in Theory Building

To learn more about Graziadio thought leadership research, visit the Graziadio Center for Applied Research