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Graduate Degrees Boost Job Prospects During and Post the Great Pandemic

A new research survey shows that amid the coronavirus pandemic, individuals with graduate degrees are doing better than other degree holders. More than 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the pandemic began and the economy was forced to shut down. A recent Strada Education Network survey shows that more than half of Americans have lost jobs, hours or income as a result of the pandemic. Of those people, graduates and professional degree holders are more likely to have started a new job in the past month than people with a bachelor’s degree, associate or vocational degrees, some college education, or a high school diploma or less.

In times of economic slowdown, new jobs are difficult to get, especially in industries that were adversely impacted by the economic shut down. A CNBC article and job survey published on March 30, 2020 shared that “nearly 50% of companies say they were at least somewhat likely to conduct layoffs over the next three months due to COVID-19.” As the economy begins to reopen and society inches back to normalcy, many individuals may be exploring ways to upskill and expand job prospects after coronavirus. Obtaining an MBA degree or other higher graduate degree is a significant accomplishment that offers many benefits. The promise of an MBA, whether it be online or on campus, is still very significant and is one of the few ways an individual can reinvent themselves, increase their competitiveness, career stability and earning power.