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Gary Mangiofico Pens Article for Managed Healthcare Executive

Big-picture, macro issues are driving change in the healthcare landscape and creating risk for managed care. These macro issues are exerting significant pressure on management and day-to-day operations, such as contract administration and pharmacy benefits. In an article for Managed Healthcare Executive, Gary Mangiofico, executive professor of management and leadership at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, makes the case for managed healthcare institutions to outsource some aspects of their work. 

Mangiofico explains that while outsourcing is not the end-all solution, it can be a key ingredient “for navigating transorganizational opportunities to improve the healthcare ecosystem.” Mangiofico details five macro issues where outsourcing work can help:

  1. Overdose prevention: “Managed care should invest in outsourced call center staff to help people in crisis.”
  2. Mental health: “Mental telehealth services from outsourced providers must be integrated into a systematic managed care if the U.S. is to make any progress in addressing the mental health crisis.”
  3. Data privacy and modernization: “Not addressing data privacy and modernization will result in extraordinarily high costs in cases of lost or stolen data.”
  4. Health equity: “Management consulting firms in particular are well positioned to pool the talent and resources to examine conscious and unconscious racism and bias in the health system.”
  5. Environmental health: “Managed care organizations are not organized to address these hazards but outsourced environmental risk management services are well suited for these tasks.”

Read the full article at Managed Healthcare Executive

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Article Highlights

  • Outsourcing work can help managed care specialists in a number of macro issues
  • While outsourcing is not the end-all solution, it can be a key ingredient for managers