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Future of Healthcare Symposium Featured in American Journal of Managed Care

The Future of Healthcare Symposium was featured in an article in the American Journal of Managed Care highlighting insight that Dr. Eric Topol, Founder and Director of The Scripps Translational Science Institute, shared with the audience. In his presentation, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again, Dr. Topol explored the far-reaching changes that smart technology and smart machines are having (and will have) on the practice of medicine and the experience of providing and receiving healthcare. Dr. Topol said that “physicians are valued for being brilliant diagnosticians and they now have more information and tools and technology at their disposal than ever before; yet patients don’t feel cared for, and doctors don’t feel like they can care for patients enough. If used properly, artificial intelligence will restore the human connection between doctors and patients.” In his engaging talk, Dr. Topol also said “the real possibilities of artificial intelligence are that it can penetrate through many layers of information to understand patterns, make diagnoses with greater accuracy, and give “the gift of time” back to doctors.”

Jeff Stibel Healthcare Symposium Keynote SpeakerThe other keynote speaker at the Healthcare Symposium was Jeff Stibel, PhD, vice chairman of Dun & Bradstreet, who discussed brain science, "real” intelligence, and how his company, BrainGate, is using AI to advance neuroscience and treat those with neurological disorders.There were also two panels that featured physicians and healthcare experts who discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with using artificial intelligence and technological innovations to improve healthcare efficiencies, access to care and patient outcomes. Read more