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Emerging Technologies Association Equipping Graziadio Students on Their Next Journey

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Emerging Technologies Association (ETA) hosted a half-day event focusing on career coaching and decision science.

Graziadio adjunct professor of Information Systems, Suren Hazarian, led the event's first half dedicated to career coaching and interview best practices. Pepperdine University has international students from 70+ countries. At least 50% of ETA club members are F1 international students preparing for Optional Practical Training for the first time in the United States. Hazarian has hired and led large teams of engineers, technicians, and developers. His experience includes close to two decades of working with the US Navy. He now teaches cybersecurity and project management at the business school and shares best practices to help students succeed in their professional careers.

"As graduation is nearing, many graduate students are searching for their next opportunity. There was an unmet need for an event that could prepare students to ace technical and behavioral interviews. As a student leader, I wanted to help bridge the gap. I reached out to Dr. Seaman, who taught one of my favorite courses, Advanced Statistics, and Professor Hazarian, to lead this event," said Priyanka Grover (MSBA' 22).

Decision science professor, Dr. Samuel Seaman, led the second half of the event. He focused on evidence-based decision analysis. Participants broke into four groups to solve a case, with each group consisting of members from the MBA and MSBA programs. Solving the case required students to work together to analyze relevant information. Students had to also understand the financial implications of each decision. The event ended with a final reflection on what it means to be a "data-driven" vs. a "data-inspired" professional.

"It was a Saturday morning in Malibu, people could do many other activities, but they chose to take some time for personal growth. The ETA board is pleased to see a classroom filled with enthusiastic graduate students and committed faculty supported by the Office of Student Engagement and Success. This event shows driven students that they have support and are not alone," said Gabriella Dominic (MBA '22).