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The Economic Power of Mentorship | Forbes

Larraine Segil discusses paying it forward and her time at Graziadio's PKE program

In Forbes, Pepperdine Graziadio PKE alumna Larraine Segil discusses how mentorship helped her build financial independence. As a young college intern at Radio Disney, Segil's mentor Peggy Lafrate did more than advise her on workplace politics – she helped Segil see herself as a salesperson. Though Segil scoffed at moving away from marketing, Lafrate explained how sales was not about pushing products, but about finding solutions. With this insightful nudge, Segil advanced and now shares her own insights on why mentorship is vital to a lucrative career.
As a woman pursuing both an executive MBA and a JD in the late 1970s and '80s, Segil also emphasizes the importance of mentorship for women – particular as it relates to being "coachable" and setting financial goals. She sees the mentorship-mentee relationship as a mutually beneficial two-way street that must be nurtured through continual communication.