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Dr. Nelson Granados Weighs In On Verizon's Digital Strategy

Nelson Granados, associate professor of information systems and digital innovation, weighs in on Verizon’s strategy to address the digital revolution in media and entertainment by reinventing itself as a content producer and an ad platform in his latest Forbes blog post. According to Granados, Verizon just debuted a beta version of its new mobile streaming service, Go90, which will be available to any mobile user not just Verizon customers. “To the casual observer, it looks like Verizon is just throwing its hat into an already crowded ring,” says Dr. Granados, but “Verizon is actually executing on a carefully devised strategy: targeting young, content-hungry mobile customers while monetizing the effort with advanced digital ad platforms. Companies that focus solely on the former without enough consideration to the latter will fail where others succeed.” Read more.