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Dr. Nelson Granados and Dr. Carlos Tornell Share How Businesses Should Advertise in the Digital Age

An eMarketer forecast report stated that 2019 will be a major milestone for the world of advertising and it will be the first year in the US that digital ad spending will exceed traditional ad spending. Dr. Nelson Granados, executive director of the Institute for Entertainment, Media, Sports and Culture at Pepperdine University, and Dr. Carlos Tornell, advertising expert and creative director, co-created “the 4 E’s of advertising in the digital age.”


As companies and competition grows, companies use advertising to differentiate their products. Educating the consumer on the key differences and of new or improved products is an important objective of advertising.


Advertising plays a key role in making a brand top-of-mind when the company evokes an emotion. Dr. Granados and Dr. Tornell point to the controversial ad by Gillette about bullying, which garnered more than 30 million views on Youtube since January. As the frontier of entertainment expands, companies can leverage social media platforms to expand their reach.


Twenty-first century companies can leverage the diverse options of where to place ads. As social media continues to become part of everyday life, companies can position themselves to share information on their services or products through social media platforms. Coke South Africa experimented with this concept and engaged their consumers through social media and how to share happiness.


As technology continues to change and transform industries, so will advertising techniques. Consumers are now seeking an experience that ties in education, entertainment, and engagement and non-traditional ways of advertising.

For businesses that want to successful advertise in the new world, Dr. Tornell suggest “the question you have to ask yourself is not ‘what media should I advertise on?’ but rather ‘which of the 4E’s work better to communicate my brand’s message?’.” Read more.