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Dr. Miriam Lacey Shares Expertise on How to Retain Talent | LegalZoom

Dr. Miriam LaceyOne of the biggest problems for businesses is employee turnover. Recruiting and training new employees can be costly for organizations. Understanding why employees leave helps employers and HR managers to retain their best employees and keep high talent within the organization. Dr. Miriam Lacey provides her expertise with LegalZoom on why employees decide to leave and how organizations and HR managers can retain talent.

According to a CareerAddict study, half of respondents stated they left their jobs because they believed their boss took credit for their work, and one in two respondents felt they had been discriminated against by a colleague or their boss. Dr. Lacey highlights the importance of companies and managers looking out for opportunities to groom their employees. “High performing employees want to be growing and learning. If they're not learning, not feeling like they’re getting more experience, broadening and deepening their worldview, then they get bored and leave. They may love the boss they’re working for, but if the job is not doing it for them, they’re gone,” said Dr. Miriam. Employers and managers must have their employee’s best interest at heart and can do so by helping them find another position internally or providing growth opportunities within their current role. Read more.