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Doreen Shanahan Talks QR Codes in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Scannable quick response (QR) codes gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as they replaced physical menus in restaurants. However, the codes go well beyond restaurants: they’re also an increasingly useful tool for marketing. In an article written by Destiny Torres in the Los Angeles Business Journal that profiles the LA-based company Digiphy, Pepperdine Graziadio Assistant Professor of Strategy Doreen Shanahan gave her expert insight, explaining the difference between static and dynamic QR codes. A static QR code contains fixed information, like a restaurant menu or movie ticket, but a dynamic QR code can send a user to a website and can be edited. 

“This idea of dynamic and creating websites and using a lot more creativity to engage with consumers, create calls of actions, to drive traffic, beyond just sharing information, is where the real power of these QR codes come into play even more,” Shanahan said. “That is [Digiphy’s] value proposition. They’re basically saying, ‘we can let you try it free, but if you really want to get into creating some campaigns using QR codes in a very dynamic way for interacting with your consumers and getting customer permission to data, capturing that and then using contextual marketing to remarket to them, then, it’s a little beyond what the free QR codes can allow you to do.’”

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