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Darren Good Offers Perspective on Amazon's "AmaZen" Stations in HR Dive

Darren GoodDarren Good was quoted in the human resources outlet HR Dive on Amazon’s "AmaZen" station, an "individual interactive kiosks" being introduced to Amazon facilities. The units are part of WorkingWell, a "comprehensive program" announced last month by Amazon aimed at improving employee health and safety as well as reducing injury risk. Good said such fast-paced work, conducted in an environment where employees' time is closely monitored, can create even more stress. It's unclear, he added, whether AmaZen will address underlying issues present in the day-to-day design of work that impact workers' mental health. But providing access to wellness programs, including counseling services and concepts like AmaZen, are only a piece of what organizations can do to address employees' well-being issues. Good added that employers need to recognize that the way employees are treated at work is becoming a "massive public health concern," and that managers also have a role to play in recognizing mental health concerns that employees are presenting. 

The full article is available on HR Dive.