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Bringing Innovative Content to Snapchat | Forbes

Dr. Nelson Granados contributes to Forbes article

Dr. Nelson F. Granados writes in Forbes about the recent NBC Universal-Snap Inc. content deal. Dr. Granados is a Pepperdine Graziadio Associate Professor of Information Systems, Director of the Center for Applied Research at Pepperdine Graziadio, and Co-Director of the Institute of Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine University. He contributes regularly to Forbes on matters relating the business of media and culture.
In this piece, Dr. Granados explores what might make the NBC-Snap deal unique and competitive with other original content platforms like Facebook TV and Netflix. He posits that content geared toward young mobile users will provide an advantage, along with breaking away from traditional video production. The next generation of mobile story-telling, says Dr. Granados, as a combination of scripted content, music videos, AR, messaging, and gaming that can reach young influencers and offer viral potential.