Want to Move up the Corporate Ladder? You Need a Career Map

October 9, 2014  | 1 min read

Are you being held back by a sticky floor? Do you want to move up in your organization, but feel like you are stuck in the lower ranks? Or do you want to change direction in your career, but don't want to start over? Then you need a career map. And the discipline to stick to it. There are two important steps in developing a career map. First, the internal process: understanding what it is you want to do professionally. What is your current professional identity and how do you want to change it? What are your values, strengths and personality preferences and how do these fit into the professional identity you aspire to? Then, the external process: learning as much as you can about the job or industry you want to go into and then articulating in a clear, concise and confident manner why you are qualified to do it.

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