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Be Kind to Your Mind (and Body) – Prioritizing Self Care in Today’s Hectic Climate

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It’s no longer a hidden secret that taking care of your health (both mental and physical) has various benefits that can be seen on the outside and felt on the inside. In today’s digital world full of constant connection and interruption, it is challenging to feel that you can genuinely focus on self care given the demands of an overly connected career and various things that compete for your attention. Nonetheless, prioritizing your health is essential to performing better at work, improving how you feel (internally and externally), and supporting a lifestyle that is holistically balanced.

So, the question then becomes, “how do I focus on self care in a time where everything seems (or arguably is) so chaotic?”

Whether you’re a tenured professional pursuing a fully remote career for the first time or a fresh-faced grad considering hybrid work, throughout this feature, we’ll explore: 

  • Simple tactics for taking care of yourself in any career
  • Things to consider when choosing a career path 

To start, we’ll take a gander at some simple and more strategic tactics you can deploy to prioritize your wellbeing while still meeting the hustle and bustle of a demanding life. 

Know Your Limits

One of the most challenging (and one of the most important) aspects of life is knowing your limit(s). Self-realization and acceptance can be difficult, but they are necessary steps for leaning into a lifestyle that promotes self care and balance.

Understanding your limits can be as simple as gauging how you feel with a given workload or number of tasks on your plate. Once you gauge what your limit(s) are, it can make it easier to prioritize how to accomplish your work as well as focus on other priorities outside of a career.

It’s also important to note that everyone has a different capacity for what they can handle. We should all challenge ourselves to grow, but never push ourselves to the point of burnout.

Take Small Steps

Sometimes a large feat is best conquered in small chunks. Starting small can make a big task feel more manageable and allow for you to make progress without feeling overwhelmed. Remember that little by little, a little becomes a lot – meaning that chipping away at something over time makes it more manageable until it’s complete. 

Be Candid and Direct with Your Employer

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, express your fear of burnout to your boss. If they’re a strong leader, they will support you – regardless of the tasks at hand. Today’s best employers are fully aware of burnout and want to keep their employees happy and healthy. Why? Because they’ve seen the data and understand happier and healthier employees perform better, ultimately contributing to the bottom-line successes of the company.

Human Connection

Humans are social creatures by nature and should focus on routinely socializing with others. For many, socializing is an easy way to take a break from work (or any other demands) and focus on being present in the moment. 

It’s also imperative to remember that family and friends are typically your best supporters – lifting you up and holding you accountable. Without others to build us up (and share our successes with them), life would not be nearly as enjoyable. 

Get the Blood Pumping

In today’s digital world, it’s easier to sit at your desk longer and leave your house less, making exercise even more critical for some. Whether you’re remote or in person, it can be detrimental to your health after a certain point if you’re constantly stagnant. The easiest way to fix this? Get moving!

It’s vital to note that exercise is different depending on the person—meaning you don’t need to be training like a pro athlete (unless you’d like to). Something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day is a simple yet effective way to keep the blood flowing and keep your health in check. A great way to remember the benefits of exercise is with Reese Witherspoon’s iconic pop culture moment in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” 

Nurture Your Mind with Nature

Nature is an aspect of self care that many often forget. There have been various studies directly correlating nature with reduced stress, anxiety, and an uptick in a positive mood and greater quality of life. The abundance of nature can also help contribute to a healthier lifestyle because most of society enjoys exploring and spending time in the great outdoors when there’s a strong presence. Hiking, biking, walking, swimming, or anything in between are activities that can be enjoyed directly within nature and instill a lifestyle of health.

On a related note, it’s critical to remember that part of enjoying nature includes protecting the environment, regardless of where you live. Most everyone is aware of the negative effects of mass consumption, mismanagement of waste, and the billions of greenhouse gasses produced that are deteriorating environments, causing climate change and migration. Best for the World Leadership includes stewardship—setting an example for how we treat people, animals, and our environment. If we want to continue to reap the benefits that nature has to offer, we must protect it.

Explore Helpful Resources

A beneficial aspect of living in the digital age is the numerous resources available to most anyone. Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual health, there are various resources individuals can find depending on their needs – all it takes is getting started.

Pro tip: Always remember to consult with your employer about the resources and benefits they offer. Employees may not always be aware of the resources available to them. 

Food for Thought for Any Career

When it comes to choosing your career, it’s critical to remember that you need to do what best suits you. Today’s landscape for any career is competitive, but you don’t want to take a career simply for the sake of taking it; focus on what you truly want.

When choosing a career path, consider:

  • If the schedule works well for you
  • If the career aligns with your long-term goals
  • The reputation of the employer
  • The management and leadership
  • Your ability to grow
  • How the company prioritizes employees
  • The ethics and global impact of the career and employer
  • How the employer views employee wellness

Wrapping up, selfcare and overall wellness is critical – specifically in today’s changing climate. Whether you choose to follow one of these recommendations or all of them, remember it’s critical to take care of yourself and encourage others to do the same. 

In the end, a lot of life is about the choices you make. Make sure you’re choosing to make decisions that positively impact you and others. Best for the World Leadership is about the imprint you make on this world—so make it great and make it count.