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A Life of Luxury: How Luxury Brands Remain Relevant Through Cultural Shifts and the Changing Business Landscape

Luxury is a lifestyle but how did it come to be such? Consumers evolved with luxury brands over generations and continue to draw towards the perception it brings to own high-class items. Learn more about how luxury brands are impacting consumers’ state of minds.

Entertainment at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

A Changing Tide - How the Entertainment Industry is Making Waves in the Modern Era

The entertainment industry is quickly evolving, but why? Tap into this blog feature to uncover the reasons for the changes and what the future holds for this increasingly popular industry.

Graziadio Business Blog: Hybrid Work

The Waves of Change in the Workforce: Is Hybrid Work Better? An Inside Look

A hybrid model might be our "new norm" as we recognize the world is constantly evolving and adapting. Dive into the strategies to excel in the mix of remote/in-person work environments.

Pandemic workplace

The Future of Work and the Post-Pandemic Landscape

Major companies are flexing schedules and announcing indefinite remote-work policies for the post-pandemic era.

GBS Alumnus Jeremy Evans

Alumnus Jeremy Evans, Founder and CEO of California Sports Lawyer®, Shares His Business Insights and Expertise

Alumnus Jeremy Evans, Founder and CEO of California Sports Lawyer®️, Shares His Business Insights and Expertise

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What Are Soft Skills in Business?

Some of the most valuable business skills are honed through interpersonal relations and on-the-job experience. Learn about business soft skills now!

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How to Be Happy at Work

While it may not be easy, there are a few ways to stay happy, focused, and positive at work. Learn what they are at Pepperdine.edu now!