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MSOD Alumni Network Mission


The MSOD Alumni Network is an organization whose purpose is to support and sustain an evolving MSOD program alumni learning community that contributes to personal and professional growth, and furthers the positive influence of the field of OD in the world.

Board Development
"Build and Develop a Governance Board for the Pepperdine MSOD Alumni Network."

  • Via recruiting a diversified group with geographical and class representation
  • Via a flexible infrastructure that has been and will continue to evolve and align as the organization develops
  • Via a strategic focus that will position the network for continued growth and sustainability

Advance Knowledge & Practice
"Create, capture, package, and/or deliver OD knowledge and practices to advance the field, organizations, and the world."

  • Via global special interest groups
  • Via MSOD, Ink
  • Via Continuing education program

Continue Conferencing
"Continue the MSOD Conference tradition in order to create a central congregating place for exchanging knowledge and deepening relationships."

  • Via Biennial MSOD Alumni Conference
  • Via Alternative Conferencing Methods

Build Local Groups
"Foster the creation and development of engaging, unique, MSOD alumni groups of local practitioners who share experiences, knowledge, and values to leverage personal growth and professional development."

  • Via shared resources and best practices
  • Via shadow consulting and mentoring
  • Via visits with thought leaders

Build Virtual Community
"Build a technologically enabled community that fosters asynchronous and geographically dispersed interaction with exchange of static and dynamic resources."

  • Via interaction
  • Via a calendar of network activities
  • Via storage and retrieval of information

Bold Aspirations

"The MSOD Alumni Network is a collaborative community of Organization Development innovators that are sought after for leading edge OD thought leadership and practices."

Core Values

Business and Human Results
Believes in the importance of assisting organizations in achieving results while tending to the health of human systems.

Ethical Behavior
Embodies ethical behavior and high quality thought, decisions, and programs.

Values and encourages diversity of background, thought, and approach, celebrating that everyone has something to offer.

Lifelong Learning
Values lifelong learning.

Meaningful Contributions
Through a spirit of service and generosity, alumni make meaningful contributions to each other, to the MSOD program, to organizations, and to the world.

Aspiration for Mastery
Supports members' aspirations for mastery in the complex and varied fields of OD, through freely sharing our individual and collective experiences.

Leadership Role
Maintains a leadership role in the profession of OD, in partnership with the MSOD program and Pepperdine University.