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Graziadio Social Media Ambassador Program

As a Graziadio Social Media Ambassador, you’re a direct representation of our Developing Purpose-Driven Leaders mission. It is imperative that ambassadors follow a code of conduct to appropriately and professionally represent themselves on behalf of Graziadio. 

What are the requirements?

As a Graziadio Social Media Ambassador, responsibilities include: 

  • Regularly share @GraziadioAlumni social media posts
  • Include #GraziadioAlumni in your posts
  • Engage with other #GraziadioAlumni posts
  • Follow the official Graziadio Alumni Channels social media channels
  • Stay up to date on information shared from the school. You will receive advance notification of upcoming events and alumni activities from the Alumni Office.
  • Share great stories about the positive influence Graziadio has had on you personally and professionally
  • Inform the school of any Graziadio alumni in the news
  • Refer Graziadio alumni that might be interested in being a social media ambassador
  • Adhere to all Pepperdine University and Pepperdine Graziadio Business School policies and procedures
  • Optional: Add the @GraziadioAlumni link to your bio OR add your ambassador status in your bio

As a Social Media Ambassador, the following expectations are outlined below:

  • Social Media Ambassadors will remain in their role until the school terminates their position, or they notify the school that they no longer want to serve in the role
  • Social Media accounts must be public, or you are a connection to a Graziadio Alumni Network, admin
  • Attend ambassador meetings led by the Graziadio Alumni Social Media Team once a year
  • Being a Social Media Ambassador is an at-will privilege and can be revoked at any time
  • If a social media ambassador does not follow guidelines and/or submits posts that are unacceptable to the
  • University, they will be requested to remove the post, and their position as a Social Media Ambassador will be terminated


  • Graziadio Business School degreed alumnus
  • Good standing with the Graziadio Alumni Network (GAN) 
  • Social media accounts and posts adhere to Pepperdine social media policies, do not infringe copyright guidelines, and do not contain offensive content
  • Are active members on social media channel

Approval Process

  • Alumni should submit their interest in becoming a Social Media Ambassador by completing this involvement form
  • Graziadio Social Media Ambassadors will be selected and notified by the Graziadio Office of Alumni Engagement quarterly