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Dr. Joetta Forsyth

Associate Professor of Finance

"In this world, there are poets and scientists, and both are important in business."

Dr. Joetta Forsyth

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Dr. Joetta Forsyth, Pepperdine Graziadio Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Forsyth's research interests include stock misvaluation, corporate governance influence on CEOs' awarding options, and how it influences firm value. She has developed a model explaining how world trade's contributed to the corporate restructuring wave of the 1980s. She has also published a personal finance textbook, Financial Wisdom for young adults.

Recent Contributions

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Why Aren't Credit Cards Easier To Get?

Dr. Joetta Forsyth explains the challenges of getting a credit card in WalletHub.

Dr. Joetta Forsyth

Is Cyprus the Warning Bell?

After the crisis in Cyprus, the world community was put on notice that bank deposits may no longer be safe. 

About "Financial Wisdom"

Dr. Joetta Forsyth discusses the alarming level of financial illiteracy facing the nation, and the negative consequences it can have on people and nations.