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Dongshin Kim, PhD Assistant Professor of Real Estate

Dongshin Kim, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate
Interim Department Chair of Accounting Finance and Real Estate
Graziadio Business School


Dr. Kim's research focus is on commercial real estate, mortgages, real estate investment trusts, and housing economics. His research work has appeared in premier real estate journals, including Real Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Research. Dr. Kim is also interested in technology. He released his model selection algorithm software as an R language package and published a paper in the R Journal. Dr. Kim has taught various real estate and finance courses (Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Financial Modeling, Financial Modeling, and more) at the master level.

Dr. Kim has over nine years of work experience in the industry. He worked as a senior programming engineer with a start-up venture software company. Afterward, he worked in a real estate development company where he managed development projects and real estate investment trusts.

Dr. Kim holds a PhD in Real Estate from Georgia State University, MS in Real Estate from Georgia State University, MS in Finance from Seoul National University, and BA in Engineering from Seoul National University.


  • Georgia State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Real Estate

  • Georgia State University, Master of Science in Real Estate

  • Seoul National University, Master of Science in Finance

  • Seoul National University, Bachelor of Science in Engineering


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  • Dongshin Kim, Youngme Seo and Julia Freybote, “Urbanity, Financial Crisis and the Timing of Homebuying Decisions by Young Households”, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (forthcoming).
  • Kenneth W. Soyeh, Dongshin Kim and Frank Gyamfi, “The Role of Debt in REITs Equity Issuance at Discount to Net Asset Values (NAVs)”, Journal of Real Estate Research (forthcoming).
  • Daniel Huerta-Sanchez, Mohammad Jafarinejad, Dongshin Kim and Kenneth Soyeh, “Disentangling Bubbles in Equity REITs”, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (forthcoming).
  • Dongshin Kim, Sangin Lee and Sunghoon Kwon, “A Unified Algorithm for the Non-convex Penalized Estimation: The ncpen package”, R Journal (forthcoming).
  • Seungha Um, Dongshin Kim, Sangin Lee and Sunghoon Kwon, “On the Strong Oracle Property of Concave Penalized Estimators with Infinite Penalty Derivative at the Origin”, Journal of the Korean Statistical Society (forthcoming).
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Julian Virtue Professorship, Graziadio Business School, 2016.

Dissertation Grant & William M. Suttles Fellowship, Robinson College of Business, GSU, 2016

GTA Teaching Excellence Award, Robinson College of Business, GSU, 2015.