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SEER Symposium

Explore Social, Environmental, and Ethical Responsibility


The SEER Symposium provides a forum for exploring the complexities of issues such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethics – and how to tie those disciplines in to entrepreneurship, innovation, and superior production that generates financial growth.

We will explore next generation business strategies and gather experiences from a broad spectrum of world-changing innovators, executives, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who will challenge and inspire your thinking.

2016 SEER Symposium

Marci Zaroff

"Business and social-environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. To have an event like this - that embodies environmental principles - is an opportunity to drive that forward."

Marci Zaroff

ECOlifestyle Entrepreneur, Educator and Innovator, 2016 SEER Symposium Speaker

Andrew Basmajian

"This is perhaps the best single-day program I have attended, ever. 2016 was the fourth time I have participated and each time I walk out blown away."

Andrew Basmajian

Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment, SEER Symposium Attendee

What Makes the SEER Symposium a Unique Experience?

Inspiring ideas

Hear Inspiring Ideas with Disruptive Solutions

Because of the power of technology and global connectivity, entrepreneurs have unprecedented resources at their disposal to target challenges both locally and globally. 

Connect with others

Connect with Others Interested in Sustainability

An intimate venue cultivates one-on-one interaction with sustainability trailblazers from a variety of different industries.


Explore Values-Based Innovation

Examine the crossroads between values and business as world-changing innovators, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs share their journeys in creating profitable companies that help make the world a better place.

Connect with others

Network With Top Industry Thought Leaders

Engage and connect with leaders who are changing the trajectory of business during this uniquely targeted opportunity for collaboration.

Robert Bikel

"Companies must integrate social and environmental values into strategies that create long-term competitive advantage."

Robert Bikel

Director of the SEER Program
Instructor of SEER Business and Management

The SEER Certificate

The Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Strategy certificate, led by Director of the SEER Program, Rob Bikel, allows full- and part-time MBA students to compliment their degree with courses that prepare them to:

  • Incorporate values and ethics into a successful career in 21st century business
  • Apply SEER values to companies large or small and across a diverse range of industries
  • Lead the next wave of great organizations