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Meet the Faculty

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Roger D. "Dave" McMahon, DBA
Associate Professor of Marketing

Phone: (310) 466-2874

  • DBA, Mississippi State University
  • MS, Pepperdine University
  • MA, Harding Graduate School
  • BA, University of North Carolina

Dr. McMahon brings extensive consulting experience at the C-level to the classroom. His engagements have encompassed a wide range of marketing and strategy challenges. All of his engagements have involved competitive analysis and integrative strategy development for such companies as Warner Brothers and Baxter BioScience.

Specifically, Dr. McMahon has led in the development of services based strategies for companies such as Baxter BioScience, Commercial Capital Bancorp, PeopleSupport, and Price Law Group. New product development has been done for the aforementioned as well as Warner Brothers and The Graziadio School. Each of these engagements developed an implementable strategy to bring the new services and products to market in such a way as to give the organization a competitive advantage in its respective environment. Dr. McMahon has extensive experience in the retail and nonprofit sectors.

MBA teaching duties for Dr. McMahon in the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University have focused on the areas of Marketing Management and B2B Marketing. He has served as the lead marketing faculty member for the full-time program. His primary areas of interest and expertise are services and logistics.

Dr. McMahon is tenured and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Mississippi State University, a Master of Science from Pepperdine University, a Master of Arts from Harding Graduate School of Religion, and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has made numerous academic and practitioner presentations, has numerous publications, and is co-author of a cutting edge book in the field of HR Logistics.

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