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Stefanie Fujinami

Part-Time MBA

Stefanie Fujinami

At Pepperdine, we have a low student-faculty ratio. How did small class sizes influence your student experience?

Small classes are wonderful. Professors know students by name and lectures can be tailored to students’ interests. Most lectures are held as discussions and questions/comments are welcome throughout the lecture. Through class discussions, students are able to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences, which is invaluable.

How did your coursework influence your job, which you maintained while going to school?

"Get it right first or go big fast." We applied this maxim to different cases discussed in class, analyzing the next steps a company should take from a “Monday morning” perspective. In applying this concept at work, you can work through a process in advance to get it right, or you can take a risk and implement it immediately. Timelines, learning curves, cultures, and expectations should all be weighed to come up with the best strategy within the shortest time frame for the specific process at hand.

 "Small classes are wonderful. Professors know students by name and lectures can be tailored to students’ interests."



How did the E2B experience impact your education?

The E2B experience is where academics become reality.  We apply theoretical concepts directly to a real company, reiterating to ourselves how applicable our academic learnings are to business. My class consulted for an innovative data analytics company. The company's General Manager of Data & Analytics and Director of Product Management were encouraging, respectful, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. The whole E2B project was a positive experience.

Can you describe how you maintained a work life balance?

Graduate school adds an extra challenge to managing a work-life balance. My priorities shifted when I started the MBA program and the key for me has been to lean on my classmates. They understand the difficulty of balancing work, school, extra-curricular activities, family, and friends. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Taking a little time for fun is important and as difficult as it may be to squeeze in an hour here-or-there, my advice is to take time for you. Getting my mind off of school for a bit rejuvenates me and I am able to focus better.