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On-Demand video shorts - In Partnership with SCMBDC

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The Graziadio School is proud to partner with the Southern California Minority Business Development Council (SCMBDC) to offer an educational series of short video lectures (ranging from one to four minutes in length) aimed at helping entrepreneurs understand the current business environment, and find ways to innovate and improve business performance.

Learn from distinguished Pepperdine University faculty members in marketing, economics, finance, strategy and information systems.

Accounting Video Shorts

Professor Charles J. McPeak offers key tips for securing a loan, including pursuing financing before you really need it.

Accounting - McPeak

Other video shorts presented by Professor McPeak:

Three Categories of Cash Flow, Positive vs. Negative Cash Flow, When Cash is TightControlling Cash Flow, What if Cash Flow Ends?

Innovation Video Shorts

Professor Mark Allen provides key strategies to turn your employees into innovators, including creating a work environment where new ideas are encouraged.

Innovation - Allen

Other video shorts presented by Professor Allen:

Developing a Creative Workforce, Creativity vs. Innovation, Collecting & Rewarding Employee Ideas, When Someone Fails Big

Marketing Video Shorts

What is the key to competing with larger competitors with larger marketing budgets? Professor Steven Rapier discusses how to understand your market through industry data and primary research.

Marketing - Rapier

Other video shorts presented by Professor Rapier:

Best Marketing Tools to Invest In, Keyword Buys vs. Advertising, The Power of “Influencers”, Indicators of Ineffective Marketing, Social Media – Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Performance Management Video Shorts

How do you retain effective employers? Professor Steven M. Sommer outlines how businesses can recognize efforts and reward results.

Performance Management - Sommer

Other video shorts presented by Professor Sommer:

Organizational and Principle Guiding Employee Performances, Key Parts of Performance Management Systems, 2 Key Types of Performers, Underperforming: Ability vs. Motivation, Non-monetary Rewards for High Performers


Pricing Video Shorts

Professor John Rehfeld discusses how understanding customer perceived value can help you to charge more in the marketplace and still retain your customers.

Pricing - Rehfeld

Other video shorts presented by Professor Rehfeld:

3 Ways to Price Products/Services, Concept to Understand Before Raising/Lowering Prices, How to Raise and Lower Prices