Faculty and Class Advisors

World-class Faculty

Dr. Vardiabasis

Faculty members are among the leading authorities in their respective disciplines. In addition to having earned superior academic credentials, they continue to accrue significant real-world experience as corporate executives and board members, successful entrepreneurs, and respected business advisors.


Marlene Biseda

Mark Chun

Michael Crooke

Nelson Granados

Charla Griffy-Brown

Charles D. Kerns

Kenneth Ko

Miriam Y. Lacey

Gary Mangiofico

Linnea B. McCord

Dave McMahon

Charles J. McPeak

Bob McQuaid

John Mooney

Sheila Moore

Kurt Motamedi

Marshall D. Nickles

Abraham Park

John Rehfeld

John J. Scully

Samuel Seaman

David M. Smith

William R. Smith, Jr.

Teri C. Tompkins

Demos Vardiabasis

Nikolai Wasilewski

Terry W. Young

Class Advisors

The Pepperdine EMBA and PKE MBA programs are the first and only Executive MBA programs to feature a class advisor. Considered as important as the faculty, the class advisor remains with your class cohort throughout the duration of the program. The advisor binds the class together and acts as a chair and mentor to provide help in individual and group situations. They read and grade papers, mediate conflict within and among groups, and maintain continuity throughout the program.

John Carnesale

Keith Dorsey

Jim Emerick

Steven Glynn

Kathleen Grave

Regina Korossy

Brian McGilvray

Rob Ortega

Stephanie Rodgers

Pearl Quintana

Rick A. Sarmiento