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Dr. Ledbetter: Bringing Gender Parity to Hollywood One Step a Time

March 7, 2016  | 1 min read

In her latest Huffington Post blog, Dr. Bernice Ledbetter, Practitioner Faculty of Organizational Theory and Management at the Graziadio Business School, says that while women fared better at this year’s Oscars there is still much room for improvement.  She says: “I’m a firm believer that in order for there to be change, women in power need to make room for other women.” Dr. Ledbetter says “change starts from within. Women need the confidence to lead and the opportunity to be considered for positions of power. And women in power need to do what they can to encourage more women to move up the ranks so that once and for we can all rid ourselves of the sticky floor and glass ceiling.” She credits the recently formed Institute for Entertainment, Media and Culture at Pepperdine University and the Pepperdine Center for Women in Leadershipas playing an important role in increasing the leadership capacity of women in the entertainment industry and all fields. Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-bernice-ledbetter/bringing-gender-parity-to-hollywood_b_9367914.html