L.A. Area Should Lead the Fight for Trans-Pacific Partnership Says Pepperdine Graziadio Practitioner Faculty of Economics

August 31, 2016  | 1 min read

Pepperdine Graziadio Practitioner Faculty of Economics Dr. Sean Jasso shared his opinion about the hotly debated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the Los Angeles Daily News on Sunday, August 28. Dr. Jasso described the beneficial trade practice that the U.S.—and Los Angeles in particular—enjoys with Vietnam. He links the future prospects of strengthening that relationship with the success of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. While recognizing that the TPP may come at the expense of some jobs, Dr. Jasso also says the U.S. will experience a net benefit in the form of greater trade relations with other countries, especially with white-hot trading partner Vietnam. Read more here.