Dr. Granados: Super Bowl Underperforms In TV Audience And Social Media Chatter

February 9, 2016  | 1 min read

In his latest Forbes post, Associate Professor Nelson Granados examines the Super Bowl numbers for television and social media and concludes that, unlike Lady Gaga and Beyonce, they underperformed. An average 111.9 million viewers watched the Super Bowl, ranking it #3 in historical viewership, and while 60 million people joined the conversation on Facebook worldwide with 200 million posts, comments and likes, and Twitter reported about 27 million tweets, engagement was lower than 2015. But Professor Granados doesn’t think it’s a post-mortem on social media. “These numbers demonstrate that despite a lower TV audience, a secondary platform is now ingrained in Super Bowl culture and in most major events,” noted Prof. Granados, noting that “The question is what’s the underlying reason for the downturn across media channels. More than likely, it was the lackluster game in offense (i.e., boring), partially compensated by solid performances in the national anthem and the half-time show.” Read more here.