Dr. Nelson Granados Says T-Mobile's Unlimited Video Service is Good For Consumers If It Is Indeed Unlimited

November 16, 2015  | 1 min read

In his latest Forbes blog, Dr. Nelson Granados, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Graziadio Business School, says that T-Mobile's Binge On service that offers unlimited video streaming is good for consumers in the short run. Granados explains that because video streaming from these services will not count towards a data plan, thanks to a proprietary technology that T-Mobile developed to optimize video delivery, it increases the odds that this generous offer will be economically viable. While some wonder if Binge On is good for consumers in the long run, Granados says that since the detailed requirements for streaming services to join Binge are likely to be scrutinized by the FCC, he is not too worried (for now). He thinks consumers shouldn't have to read too much into this discussion (yet). "As long as T-Mobile sticks to its promise that the content allowed is unlimited, and not just the bits downloaded, there should be no neutrality problem," says Granados. "And if the promise is broken, it is likely that government watchdogs will intervene or a consumer advocacy group will notice and raise the flag. So consumers, binge on in peace (for now)." Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nelsongranados/2015/11/16/t-mobile-unlimited-video-good-for-consumers-if-it-is-indeed-unlimited/