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Part-Time MBA in Digital Innovation & Information Systems

As organizations become increasingly reliant on digital technologies in their operations, products and processes, a critical need has emerged for professionals who bring deep understanding of technology management and the opportunities for digital innovation in business. Such individuals will be best positioned for career success by acquiring a comprehensive mix of business, technology and managerial knowledge and competencies.

The MBA concentration in Digital Innovation and Information Systems (DIIS) focuses on bridging the gap between business and technology, giving graduates a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Surveys of IT management indicate a persistent concern for achieving alignment between business needs and technology resources. Additionally, CIOs affirm that significant improvement is needed for managers who possess the knowledge and skills to envision, manage, and lead initiatives that span the realms of business, IT, and innovation.

Possible career opportunities include (partial list):

  • Systems or technology analyst
  • Infrastructure manager
  • Information manager
  • IT director, CIO
  • Enterprise architect
  • Business intelligence analyst/manager
  • Process analyst/manager
  • IT Program/project manager
  • Business-IT relationship management
  • Digital business consultant
  • Operations management, COO
  • Technology product management
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Blended Format: Online and On-campus Learning

All DIIS electives will be offered in a blended learning format with one elective course scheduled per 7-week period. Each elective course (with the exception of the DIIS Applied Research Project) will require two Saturdays of on-campus class sessions at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, with the remaining coursework offered online.

Elective Courses

Twelve units are to be selected from the following courses:

Course No. Course Title Units
ISTM 660 Business Analytics and Intelligence 2
ISTM 661 Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management 2
ISTM 662 DIIS Portfolio and Project Management 2
ISTM 663 Managing DIIS Security, Privacy and Ethics 2
ISTM 664 Business Process Analysis and Innovation 2
ISTM 665 Digital Innovation and Strategic Transformation 2
ISTM 667 DIIS Applied Research Project 2

Up to four units of the electives listed above may be substituted with any two of the following courses:

  • PGBS 693B: Global Business Intensive with DIIS-focused content and/or final paper
  • BSCI 617: Creating and Leading Teams
  • BSCI 631: Leadership and Organizational Success or
  • OTMT 617: Leadership Theory and Practice or
  • OTMT 670: Advanced Principles of Organizations and Leadership
  • BSCI 633: Organizational Development and Change or
  • OTMT 634: Change Management or
  • OTMT 672: Organizational Dynamics and Managing Change
  • DESC 620: Advanced Statistical Tools
  • DESC 621: Valuation of Real Options
  • DESC 634: Supply Chain Management
  • DESC 636: Project Management
  • DESC 637: Multiple Attribute Decision Analysis
  • ENTR 661: Entrepreneurship and the Generation of New Venture Ideas
  • ENTR 662: The Feasibility of New Venture Ideas
  • FINC 633: Working Capital Management
  • FINC 638: Financial Modeling
  • ISTM 669: IT-Enabled Process and Decision Support in New Ventures
  • LEGL 631: Negotiation and Resolution of Business Disputes
  • LEGL 684: Business Negotiation and the Resolution of Conflict
  • MKTG 670: Technology in Marketing
  • OTMT 678: Managerial Creativity and Innovation for Leadership
  • STGY 645: Responsible Business Practice Capstone

Note: Completing PGBS 693A and PGBS 693B (with DIIS-focused content and/or final paper), ISTM 664 or ISTM 665 satisfies the global requirement for the program.