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Part-Time MBA Business Analytics

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Benefit From the Big Data Talent Gap

With Business Analytics concentration added to your MBA, you increase professional options and earning potential with technical and quantitative skills. A concentration in Business Analytics equips you with a solid foundation in statistical methods, data analysis, and modeling techniques.

This concentration enhances your degree and prepares you for industries that have grown increasingly reliant on data for decision-making. For this reason, our curriculum is built around Decision Sciences and Information Systems and Technology Management. We also provide global business and elective requirements to round out your education.

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Business Analytics MBA Concentration Curriculum

Core Decision Sciences Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 4 units from the following courses:

DESC 620 Advanced Statistical Tools 2 units
DESC 622 Optimization Modeling 2 units
DESC 624 Predictive Analytics 2 units
DESC 626 Simulation Modeling 2 units
DESC 637 Multiple Attribute Decision Analysis 2 units

Core Information Systems and Technology Management Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 4 units from the following courses:

ISTM 622 Social Media Analytics 2 units
ISTM 624 Databases and Big Data Management 2 units
ISTM 626 Applying Analytics to Achieve Business Impact 2 units
ISTM 627 Marketing Informatics 2 units
ISTM 664 Business Process Analysis and Innovation 2 units

Elective Courses

Remaining units may be fulfilled by completing at least 4 units of the following (may also choose from core courses):

DESC 627 Supply Chain Management Analytics 2 units
DESC 628 Healthcare Analytics 2 units
DESC 636 Project Management 2 units
DESC 621 Valuation of Real Options 2 units
ISTM 630 Information Security Data Analytics 2 units
ISTM 660 Business Analytics and Intelligence 2 units

Global Business Requirement

Students can choose one of two options to satisfy the global business requirement.

global business

1. Coursework

Complete one of two globally-oriented courses (ISTM 620 or ISTM 630).

2. Intensive

Complete a Global Business Intensive course (PGBS 693) with an applied analytics-focused content and/or final paper.