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MBA/MPP Scholarships

Scholarships for Graduate Students


At Graziadio Business School, we don't just assemble a great curriculum – we assemble a great group of individuals who can learn and grow in a challenging classroom environment. One of the ways we accomplish this is by taking a holistic view of each prospective student exploring scholarship options.

Merit-Based Scholarships

You're much more than a score, so we look beyond each applicant's cumulative GPA, GMAT, or GRE score to take into account your academic achievements, work experience, leadership skills, and other factors that can inform us of your strengths.

Awards are given at the time of admittance to the program.

Endowed Scholarships

The Graziadio Business School offers a number of special scholarships for students meeting specific scholarship criteria. These awards are made available by gifts from University supporters and alumni as well as from endowed funds. Awards are made annually according to established requirements and amounts may vary based on the availability of funds. Scholarships include:

Thomas E. Burnett, Jr., Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship was established in honor of Thomas E. Burnett, Jr., a 1995 graduate of the Graziadio School's Presidents and Key Executives MBA program, who passed away on September 11, 2001, on United Flight 93. It is designated for Graziadio School students who have demonstrated leadership skills.

John Nicks Memorial Scholarship

Established to honor the memory of administrator and long-time Pepperdine professor John D. Nicks, Jr., funds are designated for Graziadio School students who show their past and future commitment to serving others and have demonstrated financial need.

Reva Graziadio Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established by Reva Graziadio, widow of the school's benefactor George Graziadio and a longtime supporter of the school. The funds are designated for incoming Full-time MBA students who have proven themselves as aspiring leaders and active community members.

J. McDonald and Judy Williams Scholarship

Established by J. McDonald and Judy Williams, the funds are designated for active members of the Church of Christ attending the Graziadio School.

GSBM Berryman Endowed Scholarship

Established by Mr. Berryman, the funds are designated for African American students with financial need and merit who are pursuing a Graduate degree at the Graziadio Business School.

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Scholarship Contact Information

For further information about the scholarships listed above, please contact Mr. Murzi Kay in the Financial Aid Office at: murzi.kay@pepperdine.edu