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SEER Certificate Service Requirement

Master of Science in Human Resources

SEER Certificate
Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Strategy

Responsible corporate citizenship cannot be learned by coursework alone. SEER students provide service to the community through a variety of experience-driven projects. Through the SEER Certificate service requirement, our full-time MS in Human Resources students gain a deeper understanding of the Pepperdine mission, which connects purpose, service, and leadership. The SEER experience is also in alignment with the Graziadio School Hallmarks, which are realized through entrepreneurial, global-minded, values-centered academic programs like SEER.

In addition to completing course requirements, SEER students must hold membership in the Pepperdine Net Impact chapter and fulfill one of the following:

  • Attend Net Impact conference and submit report to faculty chair.
  • Help plan and coordinate a Net Impact project.

  • Help plan and coordinate the annual SEER Symposium.

  • Hold a Net Impact or Challenge 4 Charity (C4C) officer position.

  • Participate in Graziadio Without Borders Program.

  • Participate in Social Enterprise Week (SEW) Planning Committee.

  • Perform 15 C4C volunteer hours.

  • Provide research assistance to a faculty member in a SEER area.

  • SEER-approved internship during school (5+ hours/week).

  • Help plan/assist in the VCLL Case Competition.