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2020 Issue No. 5

As we head into the latter half of the eventful semester, this edition finds our faculty as proliferate and impressive as ever with new awards, publications, presentations, and media appearances to show. This month’s issue also details the findings and behind-the-scenes journey behind recent faculty research, and recounts helpful points of discussion on research funding for Graziadio faculty from our most recent October CAR Faculty Lounge. Tune in with the PGBS research community and enjoy this issue!

Read No. 5 (2020 September-October)


2020 Issue No. 4

As we face head-on the challenges of a drastically altered new school year, the Center for Applied Research wishes you renewed strength and wisdom in your teaching and research endeavors. This edition kicks off the Fall semester announcing a vast array of faculty publications, conference presentations and media appearances. This issue also features ongoing faculty research and provides practical tips on recovering from the natural ebbs and flows of the research process.

Read No. 4 (2020 July-August)


2020 Issue No. 3

In spite of difficult times and ongoing work-from- home measures, this edition recognizes the resilience of PGBS faculty with faculty publications, awards, and virtual conference presentations, along with a diverse array of new media features and appearances. This issue also recounts the Center’s annual events, features ongoing faculty research and provides practical tips on research. The Center for Applied Research is proud to celebrate the victories of the PGBS community on the research front during this time. 

Read No. 3 (2020 May-June)


2020 Issue No. 2

The unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID-19 have altered reality for most of the world, placing novel demands on working populations, including quick assimilation to new technology, working from home, and maintaining physical and mental health amidst challenging times. In light of this, the Center for Applied Research would like to acknowledge the continuing effort and perseverance of the PGBS faculty community, as evidenced by the array of new publications, conference presentations, segments of ongoing research, and more mentioned in this newsletter. The current issue also features faculty media contributions, research impact related to the pandemic, as well as tips on maintaining research productivity and reflections from various faculty during COVID-19.

The current issue also provides a sneak peak into forthcoming faculty research and includes fellow faculty input on designing research with practical industry impact. Stay strong, connected, and we hope you enjoy. 

Read No. 2 (2020 March-April)


2020 Issue No. 1

As we push through spring semester full steam, we are excited to spotlight the ongoing achievements of our very own PGBS research faculty in this first edition of the new year! Celebrate with us as we feature several new research publications, academic board appointments, invited talks and seminars, and media appearances occurring in just the first two months of 2020. This issue also provides a sneak peak into forthcoming faculty research and includes fellow faculty input on designing research that has practical industry impact. We hope you enjoy.

Read No. 1 (2020 January-February)


2019 Issue No. 6

Welcome to the sixth and final edition of the Center for Applied Research Newsletter for 2019! This special edition concludes an exceptional year of research at PGBS with new faculty publications, conference presentations, research events, and media mentions. This issue also includes several peeks into faculty research on topics such as the marginal revenue product of UFC fighters, how to foster greater access to client-based projects in business schools, and insights from airline crews on how teams can better manage high-pressure situations. It also discusses helpful ways to transform theory into practical insight for workers in the industry and corporate space. Finally, we take a look back at 2019 with the Center, celebrating the achievements of PGBS faculty in research this past calendar year. We hope this edition encourages you to enter the joyful rest earned by hard work.

Read the 2019 End-of-Year Issue