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Panelists speaking at LA Live

2020 News and Media Mentions


  • Dr. Mark Allen presented a live webinar on April 14th titled, "Applying the Principles of Strategic Talent Management to Talent Acquisition." Link here Webinar. criteriacorp.com   
  • Dr. Mark Allen wrote a series of blog posts on April 7-8th for the Pepperdine Business Blog, entitled, “Talent Management During the COVID-19 Crisis—Part 1: Employee Engagement,” and “Part 2: Employee Development.” These pieces explain the importance of keeping employees engaged, and continuing employee development during the COVID crisis. Read full posts on our Graziadio Business School blog.
  • Dr. Kevin Groves published an article on HR.com titled, "Are You Ready to Lead Gen Z?: Core Competencies for 21st Century Business Leaders." The article outlines the primary leadership competencies that are aligned with the emerging needs of the Gen Z workforce segment and the range of unprecedented shifts to the broader business environment.
  • Dr. Bobbi Thomason was interviewed in Forbes about how research on gender and leadership might help us understand how it was that so many female leaders made the difficult but critical question to enact social distancing measures early. She spoke about her research on women's careers and gender in negotiation.
  • Dr. Bobbi Thomason and Heather Williams (RAND) published an article in Harvard Business Review on how the coronavirus pandemic offers executives an opportunity to reevaluate expectations of an "ideal worker" and how employees and their work are valued, amidst the challenge of navigating work-life balance. This reassessment could lead to stronger organizations when this pandemic’s stay-at-home orders are over.


  • Dr. Mark Allen was a guest on an episode of Human Capital Institute's Nine to Thrive podcast, entitled "Strategic Workforce Planning: An Introduction." The episode discusses what strategic workforce planning is, why it matters, and how best organizations use it to close talent gaps. View full episode at https://www.hci.org/podcast/strategic-workforce-planning-introduction 
  • Dr. Paul Gift appeared on a special episode of The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Radio entitled, “MMA’s Defining Moments of the Decade,” to discuss some of the defining business moments in mixed martial arts during the 2010s. 
  • Dr. Paul Gift was a guest on Wharton Moneyball on SiriusXM Business Radio to discuss how he became an MMA researcher and how analytics have impacted the sport. 
  • Clemens Kownatzki was interviewed by James Cutchin for an article in LA Business Journal, "Dialing Up the Deals Private Equity: Big money is pouring into LA-based mega-funds." The move away from public markets and increased size of private deals has led to mega-funds with deal sizes of $10 billion or more. However, the concentration of investment dollars in mammoth funds could also increase market risk where more investment dollars are chasing fewer but larger deals.

2019 News and Media Mentions


  • Dr. Mark Allen was a guest on Concierge Coaches, a podcast hosted by Graziadio alumnus Justin Nimergood, on November 11. The topic of the episode was titled, “Providing a Context for Leadership,” and discusses the importance of understanding and defining leadership as behaviors and functions inextricably linked with the context of the organization. Find episode here: https://www.latalkradio. com/content/concierge-coaches-show  
  • An article published in Workforce magazine highlights Dr. Kevin Groves’ research on succession planning and executive talent assessment practices. Authored by Andie Burjek, the article, “Getting Schooled on Diversity,” outlines a series of research findings and best practices on how organizations can improve diversity in leadership positions. The article presents several practical recommendations for improving c-suite diversity across industries. Read more at https://www.workforce. com/2019/11/05/getting-schooled-diversity.
  • Dr. Cristel Russell was appointed as a permanent member of Belgium’s FWO GM 4 Fellowship panel. The panel evaluates scientific applications from Flanders-based scholars to PhD and Post Doc programs.


  • Dr. Mark Allen was a guest on the Coaching For Leaders podcast with Dave Stachowiak and discussed the topic of "Tying Leadership Development to Business Results." This conversation explores the changing demographics of the workforce and why it matters for talent acquisition and leadership development today. Mark shares the key strategies he uses with clients to ensure that leadership development ties directly to organizational results.Mark shares key strategies on ensuring leadership development ties directly to organizational results.
  • Dr. Jim DilLellio is currently listed in the Top 10% of Authors on Social Science Research Network (SSRN), calculated by total new paper downloads within the last 12 months. His papers available on SSRN include "Constructing Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees with Traditional 401(k)/IRAs, Roth 401(k)/IRAs, and Taxable Accounts", "Income Falsification on Mortgage Applications During the Housing Bubble", and "Risk and Reward of Fractionally-Leveraged ETFs in a Stock/Bond Portfolios."
  • Dr. Darren Good published a blog with Christopher Lyddy (Providence College), "Practice O.U.T. to shift from Doing to Being," for Mindful Leader, a social impact for profit organization that seeks to foster the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. The piece provides a practical approach to transitioning from incessant doing to more being; the newsletter has recently reached 150K members in preparation for next month's Mindful Leader Summit.
  • Dr. Miriam Lacey wrote an article for Smallbizdaily entitled, "Entrepreneurs and the "High Hope" Environment." The article outlines differences in the qualities of high-hope versus low-hope work environments, and their subsequent effects on employee satisfaction, productivity and performance.


  • Dr. Paul Gift appeared as a guest on The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM radio multiple times; in July, he discussed recently disclosed information on fighter pay and the state of the antitrust lawsuit against the UFC. In early August, he discussed fighter contracts in the two largest MMA promotions, the UFC and Bellator. In late August, he provided a status update on the UFC lawsuit evidentiary hearings for class certification and his coverage at Forbes and the Show Money MMA podcast.
  • Dr. Darren Good was quoted in the Seattle Times for an article on time management and multi-tasking. Read at https://www.seattletimes.com/explore/careers/why-your-to-do-list-is-all-wrong-and-how-to-better-manage-your-time/ 
  • Dr. Zhike Lei's joint work with Amy Edmondson (Harvard University), published in the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior in 2014 has been recognized as one of "Most downloaded Articles in the Past Year" and "Most downloaded since 1996". This article integrates research studies that focus on the vital role of psychological safety in organizational life and suggests exciting and useful avenues of future investigation. See link:
    • https://www.annualreviews.org/action/showMostReadArticles?journalCode=orgpsych 
  • Dr. Cristel Russell spoke with BYU Radio's Julie Rose of Top of Mind on 'How Underage Drinking on TV Influences Teenagers.' Abstract: All the teenagers on TV are drinking. In most of the soapy dramas and comedies popular with teens, alcohol is just part of on-screen life. Occasionally you’ll see a character get drunk and do something they regret. Mostly it’s just what the cool kids do. And in some cases, alcohol manufacturers are paying to have their products featured in those shows. Listen at http://www.byuradio.org/episode/325adfd5-6663-456f-8f4e-8dbd8f19145d/top-of-mind-with-julie-rose-teacher-loans-the-mosquito-free-tuition?playhead=4233&autoplay=true 


  • Dr. Jillian Alderman was quoted in a Going Concern article discussing the SEC's recent $50 Million sanction against KPMG for the firm's collusion with the PCAOB and employee cheating on
  • internal ethics exams. Bramwell, J. (2019). Which KPMG Scandal Is Worse: PCAOB ‘Steal the Exam’ or CPE Training Exam Cheating? Going Concern. https://goingconcern.com/which-kpmg-scandal-is-worse-pcaob-steal-the-exam-or-cpe-training-exam-cheating/
  • Dr. James DiLellio's article with Daniel N Ostrov (Santa Clara Univ.), entitled "Constructing Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees with Traditional 401(k)/IRAs, Roth 401(k)/IRAs, and Taxable Accounts," has been listed in Social Science Research Network's (SSRN) Top Downloads for Econometric Modeling: Capital Markets - Portfolio Theory eJournal. 
  • Dr. Paul Gift was quoted in the L.A. Business Journal article, “Endeavor’s UFC in Antitrust Fight” by Matthew Blake, a story about the entertainment and sports conglomerate Endeavor’s upcoming IPO and its reliance on a subsidiary, the UFC, currently facing a major antitrust lawsuit brought by former fighters.
  • Dr. Zhike Lei was quoted in the CIO Applications article, “Simulation: A lab of Human Behavior and Cognition,” by Dr. Lillian Su from the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University. Zhike's insights on team composition and processes were cited to demonstrate how the team science "must be taught and practiced to medical students and trainees as an essential component of patient safety." Article link: https://simulation.cioapplications.com/cxoinsights/simulation-a-lab-of-human-behavior-and-cognition--nid-4187.html
  • A paper by Dr. Kurt Motamedi, entitled “Transorganization Change Consulting,” was recently featured in the Academy of Management (AOM) Management Consulting Division 2019 April-June newsletter. The paper addresses the need for new perspectives in management in response to changing dynamics created by our increasingly fast-paced, digitizing world and was presented at the 2019 annual AOM Conference in Boston.


  • Dr. Darren Good has had an article mentioned in Strait Times, Singapore's leading daily newspaper. The published story was based on a recent article about mindfulness and middle manager well-being that has won a Best PaperAward at the 2018 Academy of Management Conference.


  • Dr. Paul Gift was quoted in an ESPN The Magazine article "Money Brawl" by Hallie Grossman, a story about the women's featherweight title fight between Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes at UFC 232.
  • Dr. Paul Gift was quoted in a Forbes feature article, "The New Fight Game: How An MMA Startup Wants To Capture The Sport's 450 Million Global Fans" by Kurt Badenhausen, a story about the upstart MMA promotion Professional Fighters League and its quest to challenge the UFC. Read more here.